"Adhoora Sath" Painfull Love Poetry

Adhoora Sath Painfull Love Poetry
Adhoora Sath Painfull Love Poetry

Today I will tell you about Adhuri Saath Painful Love Poetry. Friends, when someone is in a relationship, he wants to spend his whole life with him, but sometimes this does not happen. When someone loves someone with a true heart, it has often been seen that he remains incomplete with him. On this article, I am going to tell you about incomplete love poetry with incomplete love. You must read this article.

Adhoora Sath Love Poetry

Taking a few moments of leisure, I want to sit again. In the rain of your love, I want to get wet again. What happened if life was a lie, now what if it is breathless? if I am alive close to you, then yes I want to be alive. From time to time, there is a lot of complaint about luck, some want to talk to you, some to myself.

To take a few moments of leisure, I want to sit again and make up some stories with the fingers of my hands near your wavy tresses. whoever touches you will make you feel my loneliness, and will also make you feel a little love. I want to be a little bit away from the situation, from the pain.

You want to break this with me again but yes I want this incomplete with me again. Taking a few moments of leisure, I want to sit again.

Kabhi Kabhi Ladna Bhi Jaruri Hai

Listen, I probably shouldn't have fought with you that much, with you and your innocence. In anger, my heart and mind do not work, but how do I forget that I love your foolishness? I lose again and again in this, I probably should have given myself a little time before fighting, but later the mistake turns out to be my own.

Yes, I agree that 70% of the fault is mine, just for that percentage we fight so much. Over and over again, face to face, on call, over chat and you know? when the anger of both of us subsides, then after that the love which is seen inside us is really very cute. I like it best when you point out my mistakes and I laugh and agree and convince you too.

Maybe love is hidden in stories, something has happened, but something has yet to happen. He is in you, he is in me, us, so tell me whether our fight was right or not? After all, both of us have benefited from my anger. You have become irritated and you also enjoy beating me.

Maybe it is the story that is love. If it is not there then how will you be remembered and if you do not remember then how will there be love? so see I am right, Sometimes it is necessary to fight for love in love so see I am right. sometimes it is necessary to fight for love in love.

"Adhoora Sath" Painfull Love Poetry
"Adhoora Sath" Painfull Love Poetry

Agar Tumhe Phir Se Pyaar Karna Pade

If you get a chance to spend time with the person you used to love again, will you love her again? Will you again make all the same mistakes that you did before that ended it all?

Will you ignore those things which you knew but were not ready to accept? If you get a chance once again, can you be just friends again? Can you control your heartbeat by looking into his eyes? You will not be deluded by his holding your hand.

You will also have to praise her in such a way that the way is found when you become someone's support. You don't stay home for her because you are not the destination, can you be a journey for her? Because he is not your companion. So if you get a chance for some things to happen, then you will not talk about the heart.

Even if she smiles and swears at your jokes you won't die on her beats because sometimes love changes a lot. If it doesn't take any time for friendship to turn into hatred, then it can happen. I will pray for you that he gets another chance to spend time with that person who is not your destination but the journey is so beautiful that you too close your eyes and say that is all you need.

So it may be that his hair is waving in the wind and you just ignore it instead of fixing it with your hands. What can happen is that when he gives you his phone number, you just treat her like a friend? What can happen again such that you do not make the same mistakes that you have done? what can happen?

Sirf Mein Galat Nahi tha

I just wasn't wrong. I have tried to love only you in such a crowd. I have tried to take refuge in your eyes in so many faces. Now how am I wrong? Who told me this? Whenever I came close to you, you tried to distance me from myself. Not only I was wrong but our timing was also wrong, and this story was wrong.

We probably didn't even have to meet on the first day. I didn't want to come and sit beside you all of a sudden and we probably shouldn't have talked. So only I was not wrong, on every question of mine, you also told me by removing the mention of your dreams from the piggy bank.

Where did you hide the deepest secrets when I asked? You told me about first love and how you two were no longer together. Now in such a situation, I did not see you from the point of view of any option, you are really beautiful, maybe that's why my heart was saying all this.

If only I was wrong then you should have understood. Why did you so lovingly put your head on my shoulder when we were listening to the song "Kaise Hua" what happens when i first meet? Now if two people are doing this then is one wrong? So not only was i wrong, that day's seat was wrong, that day was wrong, and the rain that rained was probably wrong too. It's probably our luck but only i was not wrong.

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