"Akela Rehna" A Painful Poetry

Akela Rehna A Painful Poetry

Akela Rehna A Painful Poetry If you like to read then this article is for you. Not every person who lives alone is broken, but every person who lives alone is definitely broken once. You will definitely like this because in this article I am going to tell you about "Akela Rehna" A Painful Poetry. You will definitely like this article, I know that so you should read all the poems written in this article carefully. Read more about Akela Rehna A Painful Poetry

Akele Rehna Itna Bhi Bura Nhi Poetry

Being alone, and being happy is not so bad. He gets a lot of time for himself, to explain himself, to get out, sometimes even today his lack is felt. It also gets completed because now it is understood what happened, maybe I do not know the right thing but it was very important.

Very suffocating in a relationship in which there was less space for me and complaints were increasing with me. Sometimes we can't do anything for someone, just watch it happen and it's the same with me.

When I expected, loved, and love that person so much and in return, I could not even hate, did not get along either.

I used to see trouble, I used to understand myself, but where do we understand some things? With that pain, from that time I wanted to fight, but where is a war won untimely?

I have seen myself breaking to pieces and crying my eyes out but the pain was such that it felt right. Listening to sad songs, being alone, crying, and shouting had become a habit for me and it takes a lot of time to break the habit.

Like some relationships, some people, there are only ones that we can't keep to ourselves but we can change. So it was the same with that habit, if one day it changes, being alone, being happy is not really that bad, it is also a habit which is very beautiful.

Ab Akela Hi Theek Lagta Hai Poetry

Wherever it should feel bad, nowadays no one feels bad about that. If I look, you are complete, but look from my eyes, I do not seem complete. I keep trying to win hearts with truth but everyone here likes to show off.

No one cares about people like me. Yes, everyone is there in times of need, what do you think? can you hurt me? Now I eat alone in restaurants too, you can't break me. I am already scattered, I smile beyond my limits even when I am Sad.

My face is not beautiful, which may please you at first sight, but the matter ends there, how can I show you my heart before my face? Nobody wants to know me. I do not have an interesting personality, but now it has stopped making any difference to me, or rather I have become used to it.

Akela Rehna Pasand Hai Mujhe Poetry

As far as I have seen people, some people consider being alone a bad thing. According to them, if someone is lonely, then either no one likes him or he does not know how to socialize with others.

If both these things are not happening and then he is alone then there must be some problem with him. Let me tell you that being alone and feeling lonely are two different things.

Loneliness makes you feel the lack of someone, but being alone is a  choice. I have made this thing for myself, yes, I like to be alone but people take it as my ego. Now, what shall I tell them? No one wants to be alone but the time limit is such that alone comes automatically.

Everyone is with you to say but you have to walk alone at every turn of life. This world has taught us that you stand on the need of everyone but when you need everyone leaves.

That's why I want to make my own needs, what is with people, they leave them alone in the middle of the road because they only have to show their rights, not maintain the relationship.

When every time I have to find myself alone with myself, I have to walk alone on every path, then why not stay alone? Anyway, I looked closely at everyone I did not find peace from me anywhere.

Yes, these people understand that in the world where relationships are played only with meaning, I am fine alone, many people had unnecessarily misunderstood that these people would not be able to live without me, would they be able to live alone?

Today I would like to tell him that I am alone and very happy. Why should I stay behind those who don't care? At least it is better to live with me than to be with lies and live my life in my own way.

Now it is not that I do not like to meet, hang out, talk, or keep friends, I do not like to be friends, but I do not want to be associated with anyone by doing formalities like them.

This is the reason why I like to spend time with myself more than others. It is good to say some things to myself, to listen to myself, to understand myself a little, to explain myself a little.

I don't care who eats what about me, just listen to my voice so I like to stay away from the noise of the world. I do not want to be a part of that crowd in which I get lost, it does not matter whether anyone understands me or not.

Now everything happens by itself, this is the advantage of being alone. A person starts living a life of reality, not of show, by being alone, because no one can understand him better than himself.

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