"Pyaar Or Kismat" Sad Love Shayari In English

Pyaar Or Kismat Sad Love Shayari In English

If Pyaar and Kismat are together, then that person is a very successful person in the world. In today's article, I will tell you about Pyaar and Kismat's sad love Shayari. Friends, you should read this article carefully only then will you understand. This article has already motivated many people.

Love is a very beautiful thing, if everyone gets it in the world, then no one will be sad here. In this article, I am going to tell about the love story of Kismat or Pyaar, so definitely read the article completely.

Pyar Or Kismat Not Just Words Poetry

The one who is not in luck is left, often the one who keeps more care breaks, but what about those dreams which are not in luck but are dearer than life? what about the person who is not in lunch but is more dear than life?

Have you ever fallen in love with someone? because of that love, you must have also believed in this life, you must have seen dreams, and you must have also dreamed of getting it.

But what happens to dream, to that person, of dreams, which are not in our hands, of that love, to those destinations which are many in the heart but are not in luck?

Was it all just not meant to happen in life? Was it all to lose so much in love? Often whenever I am alone, this question bothers me a lot, whose answer I have not found to date because whatever happens happens for good.

Everyone has just shown me this reality of life. We are never asked what is good for us. With whom, in what life are we happy and probably would have happened, yes, we are just not asked.

What is good for us? With who are happy, with whom cam our life be better, just life puts this burden on us and shows us the way with pride and asks us to smile without explaining that without that love, that person who is in our heart and if you are not together in reality, then how can you smile?

Ever wondered what would happen to those dreams after breaking up which are our destination but are not in luck?

Jise Tumhare Sath Rehna Hoga

There are some things from which I could never win, so I wrote and everyone liked it very much. It was not my use like "Let the person who wants to go" This life is very big, the treasure is the treasure, but I still remain confused.

Today I share one more thought with you that is not of my use but may be of some help to you. We like things that we do not have or that we cannot have. There are moments like these, either those which have not come yet or those moments that we have lost earlier.

How much we fight with ourselves, for so many things but still lose again and again, and when it comes to love, it is not easy to take someone out of our heart, but it is more difficult and worthless to keep that person with us.

I am the only one who keeps putting a price on him even today. Well, we should never live in the past because there are things, moments that we have lost, and roads that we can neither go nor bring back.

It is strange that our heart becomes so stubborn that sometimes it is not possible to keep away from it except in the thoughts, it goes again and again where it is not seen by anyone, then it gets all that which is not here.

Then why lose your today which is not there? Believe that the one who has to live with you will live without your stubbornness and whoever wants to go out of your life for him, then even if you won't break the moon and the stars, he will go away.

Then it's a matter of thinking why? Why do you get entangled in your own stories of your life to waste beautiful moments? Why make excuses over-talk? actually, it is no one's fault, it is what you have today, you have it right in your heart and must have had to show many sweet and sweet dreams, so why do you keep reminding him again and again?

Do that work that gives him sometimes, be happy so that he also enjoys living, can not forget anyone but can also remember something else? Instead of checking it online, do some other work too.

So block it, there is no benefit from being on his block list, the difference has been so much, now give him a little greed by saying it again and again, this heart is still good, what happened if it is not, then no one else is right happy just like you.

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Kisi Se Pyaar To Karna Lekin...

If you love someone but don't make it painful, don't make your heart beat with great enthusiasm, what is that, like a dream, sometimes this heart also breaks. The way behind the destination leaves many miles.

You may not be worried about your age, but take care of yourself even after being helpless in any situation, someone staying with you is fine, otherwise don't have any regrets in life.

It listens only to those who know how to move forward, those who do not keep on weeping on remorse, and know how to take care of themselves. Love is their part, this life is part of them, who know how to take care of themselves even after breaking up.

You must love someone but don't make it painful, definitely give your heart with great devotion, but don't make it beat.

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